Symptoms Of 12 Serious Diseases And Health Problems

If you’re seeing a difference in your urine, such as foaminess, it could signify kidney disease. “Perhaps one of the most under-screened and undertreated conditions is osteoporosis,” says Adam Kreitenberg, MD, a rheumatologist in Tarzana, California.

Plenty of people get really uncomfortable in hot temperatures. If you’re never ever comfortable and often feel overheated, it could be due to having an overactive thyroid. According to Harvard Medical School, heat intolerance is a prime symptom of those with hyperthyroidism.

Many of us want to lose a few kilos, but for some people fluctuating weight or rapid weight loss could be one of the warning signs of a mental illness, such as depression or an eating disorder. Other mental health issues can impact appetite and weight too. But anxiety could be the sign of a mental health issue if it’s constant and interferes all the time. Other symptoms of anxiety may include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, headache, restlessness, diarrhoea or a racing mind.

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Sometimes, a symptom in one part of the body may be a sign of a problem in another part of the body. Moreover, unrelated symptoms that might be minor on their own could be warning signs of a more serious medical disease or condition. Listen to your body, note all symptoms, and share them in detail with your doctor. It’s an unfortunate truth that your body slows down in your sixth and seventh decades.

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  • However, though many breast problems are not cancer-related, they do require prompt evaluation.
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  • A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

When is a cough “just” a cough, or a headache a symptom to be concerned about? Listed are signs and symptoms that could indicate a serious health condition, and you should see a doctor if you experience any symptoms of concern.

A persistent cough is also one of the symptoms of mesothelioma, a so-called “silent” hair loss cancer that takes decades to develop and is often diagnosed among the older demographic. “With asbestos exposure being this cancer’s only known cause, it historically has affected blue-collar workers and military personnel,” says Colin Ruggiero, a health advocate for

Climbing a flight of stairs that you once took two at a time can now feel as daunting as scaling Mount Everest. While some degree of vitality loss can be attributed to natural aging, fatigue and breathlessness may also be signals that your heart is not functioning as well as it should.

Don’t just write it off—especially if it’s not due to something like a cold. According to Favini, it could be due to some serious health problems.