Top 5 Apps Like Tinder for iPhone and Android 2017

Tinder has revolutionized online dating. It is pretty much the app that everyone who is single use. Are you tired of swiping for a creep on Tinder? Are you looking for apps like Tinder which give you the same swipe fun but are easier to find quality matches? Here are some of the best Tinder alternatives that you can start using right now.

  • No.1 Coffee Meets Bagel 5 stars

    Coffee Meets Bagel

    Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the best dating apps designed to make dating fun and easy. Like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel matches you up based on mutual friends on Facebook. Every day, you receive a match(bagel) which is sent to you based on your mutual Facebook friends.

    The way you connect with bagels here is very simple. You just create an account and add as much information about you as you can. The website is created with the idea that you just have to browse bagels and then you either connect with them or pass.

    A bagel can like you, in which case you are invited to connect with them or pass. There won’t be any contact like messaging or chatting until you connect with a bagel. And yes, you are asked if you want to talk with that bagel. It’s an easier way to control who you talk with and if you like that person! The app also allows you to see a collection/history of those bagels, as this will make the entire process of finding a good match fast and precise.

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  • No.2 Hinge 5 stars

    Hinge App

    Hinge is widely known online as the relationship app. These are strong words to share, but the reality is that this app does deserve all the credit. It’s extremely easy to download, and it has one of the simplest interfaces out there. It does resemble Tinder quite a lot, but it does manage to make the experience a bit better when compared to Tinder because you are free to pick those persons that you enjoy and talk to them.

    The entire process of using this Tinder alternative is convenient. They usually recommend people to share high-quality pictures, so the results as a whole can be pretty amazing, to be honest. It’s safe to say that results can be among some of the best dating appsout there, so you should consider using Hinge because it has the filters and ease of use you want when looking for a date.

    Hinge app also enables you just to browse profiles as much as you want and interact with them. The entire process is fast, and you can avoid messages from people if you want to. So yes, Hinge does provide lots of control if you so desire.

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  • No.3 Millionaire Match 4 stars

    Millionaire Macth App

    The best thing about Millionaire Match is that this is a very good rich men dating website with a fun app like Tinder for people that want to date millionaires. It works great for both men and women, either rich or attractive, not to mention you will like the overall value you receive here.

    The visuals are extraordinary, the interface is very good, and the best part is that you can easily use filters to access all the features you want. Nothing is stopped here, and you can access just about all features you want without any restrictions. It’s a nice experience to have and one that can indeed pay off immensely in the end.

    When it comes to the type of singles you can find on Millionaire Match, you usually encounter certified millionaires that have a pretty good income and salary. But you will not have a problem finding the perfect match since they always let you identify the best possible people that will fit your profile and reside in your local area. It’s just a great experience in the end, and it makes dating a lot more fun too. The app is available on both Android and iOS, so you can use whatever platform you see fit.

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  • No.4 Bumble 4 stars

    Bumble App

    Bumble is a wonderful dating app like Tinder that also helps you start a great networking experience too. It enables you to find many professionals, and you can start dating them on the spot. The entire experience is outstanding each time you use the app, and the best part is that you won’t have to rush the entire process either. It’s just a pleasure to start dating here, and it only gets better, since Bumble is designed to offer you a pleasant, resounding dating experience thanks to its unique profile system and insightful messaging system.

    What you will like the most here is the interface and the fact that you can interact with any professional you want on the spot. It’s really interesting to do that, and it can bring in front some really good mechanics.

    Bumble’s main strength is networking, but it’s also dating, and it does a very good job at showing you how crucial dating can be in your life. You should at least consider giving it a try, as you will surely appreciate the outstanding experience you can obtain this way.

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  • No.5 Badoo 4 stars

    Badoo App

    Badoo is all about making friends, meeting new people, networking and so on. Badoo allows people to state exactly what they want, so you will know if people are serious about dating if they want to have fun and so on. It will surely be a nice experience and one that you will enjoy more and more all the time.

    It’s a chatting app as it is a dating app, and it goes to show that you can easily combine these two concepts with great success into a really good application. Maybe the best thing about Badoo is that you get to interact with new persons from various industries. But at its core, this is also a social media site, and it has been around for 11 years and counting. While it may not be as popular as Facebook, it surely has quite the exposure, and you will enjoy it quite a lot in the end.

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    Yes, there are lots of great dating apps and alternatives to Tinder that you should consider using very soon. Give these a shot, and you will be quite impressed with the overall results and experience you can obtain this way. It is well worth your time to study all of these, because some people use only a single platform. So, you want to find as many matches as possible before you opt for a single one!

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